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Who are we?

MedicalCertificate.in is an online platform that connects certified Indian doctors with patients for health-related services. We abide by the National Medical Commission Act 2019, w.r.t. telemedicine services and issuance of a medical certificate. We ensure that you get confidential doctor consultations and hassle-free medical certificates within 30 minutes*, anywhere in India, without physically visiting a doctor.

When Do You Need A Medical Certificate?

Feeling under the weather?

When you’re feeling unwell, the last thing you want to do is spend time booking and attending a doctor’s appointment at a hospital or a clinic. With MedicalCertificate.in now you can get a medical certificate from the comfort of your home in minutes. Get your sick leave certificate from one of our government-certified Indian Doctors.

Need to take time off to deal with caring responsibilities of loved ones?

There are times when you have to take time off to care for family or a household member who is sick/injured or help during a family emergency. With MedicalCertificate.in you can request a medical leave certificate for a carer from the comfort of your home in minutes.

Looking for a fitness certificate for work/ college or a driving license renewal?

Recently recovered from a disease and looking for a recovery certificate or need a fitness certificate to assure that you are in the best of your health? Upload your medical records & latest tests and get your fitness/recovery certificate within 120 minutes. Also, get Form 1A RTO Medical Fitness Certificate with Eye & Ear test. 

Customer Testimonials

Had a great experience in getting medical certificates with them. I had a emergency and they responded even at night 10PM!!! I never experienced such a great support. Highly recommended.

Nigesh Baladhandapani

I required a medical certificate and they were very professional, they called and inquired about the symptoms. They went above and beyond and gave it to me in the specific format required by my organisation.

Apurv Sibal

Very professional team. They really provide a genuine and hassle-free service. I had to submit a certificate in my office and has just one hour of time and they still helped me take my case on priority.

Srishti Thakur

Get Your Medical Certificate In India

with 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1 : Submit your request

Complete our quick medical questionnaire and submit your request for the medical certificate.

telehealth Guidance

Step 2: Consultation by a certified doctor

Our doctor will review your request and reach out to you.

Step 3 : Receive your certificate

Get your medical certificate via WhatsApp within 30 minutes* and the physical copy via post within 8-10 business days, if you have opted for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my medical certificate?

You will receive your digital medical certificates within 30 mins* of submitting the medical form and hard copy within 8-10 business days*.

Will my employer/ education institute accept my certificate?

Yes, as per the Telemedicine Act of 2019 online medical certificates are now accepted by all education institutes and employment avenues. We abide by all protocols of the National Medical Commission.

Which cities/states do you operate in?

We operate across India.

Are these medical certificates genuine?

These medical certificates are generated following all protocols of the National Medical Commission and given by certified Indian doctors. They are 100% legit. For more details on the validity of a medical certificate issued by us click here.

Is there an upper limit of the sick leaves one can get?

The number of sick leaves a person can be sanctioned depends on the following factors:

  • The number of days you have mentioned in the form
  • The supporting medical documents that you can provide
  • The discretion of the doctor consulting the patient

Kindly note: The final decision w.r.t sick leaves are subject to the discretion of our medical compliance team.

In which case do I need to visit a doctor physically or get online consultation?

If your condition is not improving despite taking all measures suggested, then you need to visit a doctor physically or consult online.

How can I get FORM 1A RTO Fitness Certificate i.e. Driving Licence Fitness Certificate

Here’s how you can get your FORM 1A RTO Fitness Certificate:

  • Fill up the form
  • Share your necessary medical details (Height, Weight, Eye and Ear test reports & a 15 secs full-body walking video)
  • Get your Driving Licence Fitness Certificate within minutes

Note: If you do not have your latest Eye & Ear test reports, you can also reach out to our team to conduct your online Eye & Eye test. 

Check the validity of the certificate!

We cannot share everything that was discussed due to doctor-patient confidentiality but our team will validate the details incase you have any concerns.  

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Due to the increase in the number of smartphones and better internet connectivity, India is getting digitally empowered. There are a lot of online services available. Whether it’s online bill payment of electricity, water and gas, or for placing an order for other basic necessities. Everything has become easy and convenient with the availability of goods and services on the tap of your cell phone. It not only saves your time and energy but it also helps you in avoiding unnecessary stress and tension.

Due to covid-19 getting all the facilities and necessary items on your doorstep have proven to be a reliable option. And they come in handy and are effective especially when you are sick. Because when someone is sick the last thing they would want is to leave the comfort of home and communicate that illness to others.

So to keep you and your near ones safe and healthy, www.medicalcertificate.in is offering medical certificate online in India. It is India’s first ever initiative to provide a medical certificate that can be easily available to you in times of sickness and health along with doctor consultation. MedicalCertificate.in is on a mission to bridge the gap between medical professionals and Users. To provide easy access to medical services at the convenience of your home.

Here’ are few points that will help you understand this online medical certificate service a little bit better: 

1.  What can you expect in an online medical certificate?

MedicalCertificate.in offers a medical certificate when you are sick within 120 minutes. You get a medical certificate by a certified medical practitioner 

2.  Where can you get an online medical certificate in India?

You can get an online medical certificate in India from www.medicalcertificate.in.

We offer –

a) Sick leave certificate

b) Carer’s leave certificate

c) Fitness certificate

d) Recovery certificate 

3.  Can I get a medical certificate online from a certified doctor in India?

With medicalcertificate.in get a medical certificate online by a certified Indian doctor. The validity of a medical certificate is the same as an offline medical certificate by going to your nearby doctor.   

4.  What are the advantages of getting a medical certificate online in India?

There are advantages to getting a medical certificate online. It is a time-saving approach since you don’t have to stand in a long queue of clinics or hospitals. You will be spared to drive or get a taxi to get to your destination which can be stressful considering the traffic on the roads and your health issues. You can communicate with certified Indian doctors who are reliable. And the whole process takes just 120 minutes. You have the option to get your medical certificate in digital form as well as in a hard copy.

Type of certificates that can be issued-

Sick Leave Certificate:

Did you wake up with a runny nose and itchy throat? Having a fever which is affecting your ability to work? To call in sick with a sick leave certificate online is now easy with www.medicalcertificate.in. Fill up our quick medical form, which will be reviewed by a certified doctor and, within 120 minutes you will get your medical certificate on your WhatsApp

Carer’s Leave Certificate:

Having someone sick in your family who is unable to take care of themselves? No need to stress out. Get a carer’s leave certificate within 120 minutes after filling out a form. 

Fitness Certificate:

In need of a fitness certificate that justifies that you are in the pink of your health? Reach out to www.medicalcertificate.in to get the authentic certificate from Indian doctors in 120 minutes.

Recovery Certificate:

Recently recovered from an illness and ready to face the world? Having a requirement for a recovery certificate? Share your medical test reports with certified doctors and get your recovery certificate online in just 120 minutes.

Getting medical certificates in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad.


Check out www.medicalcertificate.in for more details.

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