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Doctor’s referral letters, medical certificates and specialist consultations

A global telemedicine platform offering the best of healthcare services quickly. Extremely efficient with same-day services. Consistently rated 5 stars for service. 

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Simply apply online and a registred medical practitioner will review your case.

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Issued and signed by WHO-registered Doctors who have a deep understanding of medical certificates.

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Prices start from as low as $25 for same-day letters. Shipping options also available on custom formats

Medical Certificates

We Offer Online in USA

Sick Leave Certificate in


Are you sick and need a medical certificate to apply for sick leave? Fill up our quick medical form, and get your medical certificate on your WhatsApp/Email within 120 mins.

Fitness/Sports Medical

Certificate in USA

Need a fitness certificate to assure that you are in the best of your health? Upload your medical records & and get your fitness/recovery certificate in minutes

Caretaker Certificate in


There are times when you have to take time off to care for family or help during a family emergency. We understand your case and help you with a medical certificate.

Get Your Medical Certificate in USA with 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Submit your request

Complete our quick medical questionnaire and submit your request for the medical certificate.

Online Telehealth

Step 2: Consultation by a certified doctor

Our doctor will review your request and reach out to you.

Step 3 : Receive your certificate

Get your medical certificate within 120 mins* from a General Practitioner. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my medical certificate?

You will receive your digital medical certificates within 120 mins of submitting the medical form and hard copy within 8-10 business days.

Will my employer/ education institute accept my certificate in USA?

Yes, these medical certificates are generated following all protocols of the Medical Council of the country you want and thus they will be accepted by all education institutes and employment avenues.

What are your hours of operation?

Our working hours are from 09:00 am IST – 09:00 pm IST (Mon – Sat) | 10:00 am IST – 8:00 pm IST (Sun). Any orders placed before/after working hours will be serviced in the next working slot.

Are these medical certificates genuine?

These medical certificates are generated following all protocols of the Medical Council of the specific country and given by certified doctors.

What if after filling the form I don’t get leaves as per my requirements?

You can connect with us over WhatsApp with any of your concerns and our team will get in touch with you. Don’t worry we have you covered.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?
As a person with statutory health insurance, the costs for the online visit to the doctor are covered by your health insurance company. Since we are currently only allowed to issue private prescriptions, you only have to bear the costs for your medication yourself.
As a privately insured person, you will receive an invoice as usual, which you can submit to your insurance company.
In which case do I need to visit a doctor physically or get online consultation?

If your condition is not improving despite taking all measures suggested, then you need to visit a doctor physically or consult online.

How long can I take sick leave?

We enable the issuing of certificates of incapacity for work with a maximum duration of 7 days each

Can you back date a certificate?

Currently, your Partner Doctor can retroactively backdate a medical certificate for upto 7 days only.

Check the validity of the certificate!

We cannot share everything that was discussed due to doctor-patient confidentiality but our team will validate the details incase you have any concerns.  

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Get Medical Certificate Online in USA

The United States healthcare system outspends all others, both in terms of per capita spending and as a proportion of GDP, but it achieves poorer healthcare outcomes when compared to peers. With “government spending growing at an unsustainable rate,” the United States is the only developed country without a system of universal health care. Additionally, a sizable segment of the population lacks health insurance. On the contrary, the United States leads the world in medical innovation, whether the metric is revenue or the number of new pharmaceuticals and technologies released. The United States was ranked 11th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation by the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity which “was on full display during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the U.S. government delivered coronavirus vaccines far faster than anyone had ever done before,” but lags in fiscal sustainability, with “government spending growing at an unsustainable rate.” Americans who satisfy the program’s income or age requirements can receive government-funded healthcare coverage for the poor (Medicaid, established in 1965) or those 65 and older (Medicare, established in 1966). According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA, was signed into law by former President Barack Obama in 2010. Several studies have shown that the ACA has lowered enrollee mortality. But debate continues over its legacy.

Digital USA posts COVID-19

With the rise of telework, e-commerce, telemedicine and digital payments since Covid-19  there has been a fundamental shift in US society’s digital environment.

Due to an epidemic, remote working, E-Commerce, Telehealth and Digital Payments have all become more prevalent. These modifications are not going to be reversed by this point. In the United States, there has been a tremendous acceleration in digital transformation after COVED and more emphasis is being put on telework, e-commerce, telemedicine, internet education, digital payments or entertainment streaming.

Telemedicine in the USA

Telemedicine is the provision of healthcare services remotely via telecommunications technologies. It provides benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals, including expanded access to healthcare, reduced travel time and expenses, improved convenience and flexibility, better chronic disease management, and more patient participation and satisfaction. The United States has undertaken a number of actions in support of the use of telemedicine as well as ensuring its proper regulation. Telemedicine has become a major tool in the US to provide people with fast and convenient health care, notably during the COVID-19 epidemic. is a leading platform in the US that aims to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, offering comprehensive telemedicine services and facilitating easy access to quality healthcare.

Benefits of Telemedicine

In view of a number of benefits such as better patient outcomes, shorter treatment times, reduced healthcare costs and improved effectiveness, telemedicine has become an essential part of the way healthcare is provided. By perfecting the issues of cases and adding access to health care, as well as reducing healthcare costs, this is an important tool that can help both cases and croakers. Telemedicine is generally characterised by numerous advantages, which are important for perfecting the delivery of healthcare. Patients who reside in rural places or have trouble visiting physical clinics may notably benefit from telemedicine, which is anticipated to play a bigger role in the USA’s healthcare system going forward.

Who can provide Telemedicine services in the USA

Physicians and Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Mental Health Professionals, Specialists, and Registered Dietitians can all provide telemedicine services in the United States. It is vital to remember that the availability of telemedicine services, as well as the specific healthcare experts that provide them, may differ based on state rules and the telemedicine platforms or healthcare organisations involved. Telemedicine consultations can be handed by croakers and croakers, who can diagnose medical issues, make treatment suggestions, and define specifics ever. Nanny interpreters can offer telemedicine consultations, Physician sidekicks can offer telemedicine consultations, Mental Health Professionals can offer telemedicine consultations and specialised care ever, and Registered Dietitians can offer telemedicine consultations for nutrition comfort, salutary recommendations, and managing specific health conditions. is a leading platform that aims to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, offering comprehensive telemedicine services and facilitating easy access to quality healthcare.

Type of services we provide:

  • Doctor consultation- Consult our specialists as well as general practitioners for your medical issue from the comfort of your own home via audio call, text message, or video call.
  • Sick Leave Certificate in the USA– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the medical reason for taking leave. Get your sick leave certificate in the USA by visiting
  • Medical certificate in the USA– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the medical condition the person is suffering. Get your medical certificate in the USA by visiting
  • Fitness certificate in the USA– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner after a Fitness examination stating fit for all activities. Get your fitness certificate in the USA by visiting
  • Recovery Certificate in the USA–A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the person is no more suffering from the previous medical condition. Get your recovery certificate in the USA by visiting
  • Customised Medical Certificates in the USA- A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner that is tailored to a patient’s specific medical condition or requirements. Get your medical certificate in the USA by visiting

Steps and guide to get a medical certificate online in USA

  • Log on to
  • Submit your details.
  • Wait for a certified RMP i.e., a Registered Medical Practitioner to reach out if any further details are required.
  • Get your medical certificate within minutes.

The fact that telemedicine services are growing in the USA is a good thing. It reduces the likelihood of developing the sickness while also providing patients with access to medical advice. People can now obtain medical certificates from the comfort and privacy of their own homes and anywhere in the USA, due to digital platforms such as

Overall, telemedicine is gaining popularity in the United States, with more healthcare providers providing remote consultations and services to patients.


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