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Medical Certificates

We Offer Online in Qatar

Sick Leave Certificate in


Are you sick and need a medical certificate to apply for sick leave? Fill up our quick medical form, and get your medical certificate on your WhatsApp/Email within 120 mins.

Fitness/Sports Medical Certificate in Qatar

Need a fitness certificate to assure that you are in the best of your health? Upload your medical records & and get your fitness/recovery certificate in minutes

Caretaker Certificate in


There are times when you have to take time off to care for family or help during a family emergency. We understand your case and help you with a medical certificate.

Get Your Medical Certificate in Qatar with 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Submit your request

Complete our quick medical questionnaire and submit your request for the medical certificate.

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Step 2: Consultation by a certified doctor

Our doctor will review your request and reach out to you.

Step 3 : Receive your certificate

Get your medical certificate within 120 mins* from a General Practitioner. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my medical certificate?

You will receive your digital medical certificates within 120 mins of submitting the medical form and hard copy within 8-10 business days.

Will my employer/ education institute accept my certificate in Qatar?

Yes, these medical certificates are generated following all protocols of the Medical Council of the country you want and thus they will be accepted by all education institutes and employment avenues.

What are your hours of operation?

Our working hours are from 09:00 am IST – 09:00 pm IST (Mon – Sat) | 10:00 am IST – 8:00 pm IST (Sun). Any orders placed before/after working hours will be serviced in the next working slot.

Are these medical certificates genuine?

These medical certificates are generated following all protocols of the Medical Council of the specific country and given by certified doctors.

What if after filling the form I don’t get leaves as per my requirements?

You can connect with us over WhatsApp with any of your concerns and our team will get in touch with you. Don’t worry we have you covered.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?
As a person with statutory health insurance, the costs for the online visit to the doctor are covered by your health insurance company. Since we are currently only allowed to issue private prescriptions, you only have to bear the costs for your medication yourself.
As a privately insured person, you will receive an invoice as usual, which you can submit to your insurance company.
In which case do I need to visit a doctor physically or get online consultation?

If your condition is not improving despite taking all measures suggested, then you need to visit a doctor physically or consult online.

How long can I take sick leave?

We enable the issuing of certificates of incapacity for work with a maximum duration of 7 days each

Can you back date a certificate?

Currently, your Partner Doctor can retroactively backdate a medical certificate for upto 7 days only.

Check the validity of the certificate!

We cannot share everything that was discussed due to doctor-patient confidentiality but our team will validate the details incase you have any concerns.  

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Get Medical Certificate Online in Qatar

A nation in both the Middle East and Southwest Asia is called Qatar. It extends into the Persian Gulf from the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. You may watch camel races across the desert, learn about the history of falconry, and take in views of traditional dhows (wooden cargo boats) bobbing on the sea in Qatar, a country rich in heritage. Doha, the nation’s capital, is quickly becoming a metropolis of the world, owing to its stunning contemporary skyline, world-class Museum of Islamic Art, lovely and spacious traditional souq, and thriving culinary and artistic sectors. Any given day, you may eat at a number of expensive restaurants and then watch the sun set over sand dunes that appear to belong in a fairy tale. Qatar has one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world, consistently ranking among the top 10 richest countries, according to data from the World Bank, the United Nations, and the International Monetary Fund for 2015 and 2016. Petroleum and natural gas, the backbones of Qatar’s economy, account for more than 70% of the nation’s total government revenue, more than 60% of its GDP, and almost 85% of its export profits. The third-largest known natural gas reserve is located in Qatar, which is also the world’s second-largest natural gas exporter.

Health Infrastructure in Qatar:

Over the past few decades, Qatar’s healthcare system has seen a considerable transition as a result of the government’s significant investments in health policy and infrastructure to raise the standard and accessibility of healthcare services. Today, Qatar boasts one of the most developed healthcare systems in the area, complete with top-notch resources. Modern, well-developed healthcare infrastructure may be found in Qatar. The country has made considerable investments in the development of state-of-the-art medical facilities, particularly Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the country’s largest healthcare provider. Within HMC are more than 12 hospitals, including special facilities for women, kids, and cancer patients. The Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI), a top-notch medical research centre with an emphasis on finding treatments for conditions like cancer and diabetes, has also been built in the nation.

Qatar Healthcare Policies:

The Qatar government has implemented several healthcare policies to improve healthcare delivery and access. One of the most notable policies is the National Health Strategy 2018-2022, which aims to provide universal healthcare coverage and improve the quality of healthcare services. As part of this strategy, the government has invested in improving primary healthcare services, including expanding the number of primary healthcare centers across the country. The government has also implemented the “Weqaya” program, which provides free health check-ups to citizens and residents, including screening for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Qatar has also introduced the “Salamat” program, which aims to promote healthy living and reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases. The program includes initiatives such as healthy eating campaigns and promoting physical activity. Qatar’s healthcare system has come a long way over the past few decades, with significant investments in health infrastructure and policies. The country’s focus on improving primary healthcare services and promoting healthy living has resulted in a high level of satisfaction among citizens and residents. With continued investment and focus on healthcare, Qatar is well-positioned to maintain its status as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

The health system of Qatar:

To enhance access to and delivery of healthcare, the Qatari government has enacted a number of healthcare initiatives. The National Health Strategy 2018–2022, which aims to offer universal healthcare coverage and enhance the quality of healthcare services, is one of the most notable initiatives. The government has made investments in enhancing basic healthcare services as part of this approach, including raising the number of primary healthcare facilities nationwide. The “Weqaya” programme, which the government has also launched, offers free health examinations to citizens and residents and includes testing for chronic conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. The “Salamat” program, which aims to encourage healthy living and lower the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, has also been launched in Qatar. The programme includes activities like boosting physical exercise and healthy eating programs.

  • Qatar’s healthcare system is rated as one of the top 30 in the world by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Compared to the global average of 15 doctors per 10,000 people, the country has a high doctor-to-patient ratio of 28 doctors per 10,000 people.
  • According to a 2018 study by the Qatar Statistics Authority, 84% of Qataris and 78% of non-Qatari inhabitants were pleased with the country’s healthcare system. According to the poll, 85% of non-Qatari residents and 95% of Qatari citizens had access to healthcare services.
  • The Global Finance Safety Index, which takes into consideration elements including healthcare facilities, crime rates, and political stability, placed Qatar as the second safest nation in the world in 2020.

With major investments in health infrastructure and legislation over the last few decades, Qatar’s healthcare system has advanced greatly. A high level of satisfaction among citizens and residents has been attained as a result of the nation’s focus on enhancing primary healthcare services and encouraging healthy living. Qatar is positioned to keep up its position as the region’s top healthcare provider with continuous investment and attention to the sector.

Who can access health care in Qatar?

The healthcare system in Qatar is one of the best in the world and is continually being improved. Expats living and working there can apply to utilise the free or heavily subsidised public healthcare system, or they can choose to be treated privately. The Ministry of Public Health in Qatar is in charge of overseeing healthcare. The Primary Health Care Company (PHCC), which operates 27 regional facilities around the nation, is one of two companies that offer services. and the non-profit Hamad Medical Company (HMC), which manages a number of establishments, including 12 public hospitals, neighbourhood clinics, and the national ambulance service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on Qatar’s digital transformation, leading to a rise in the use of telemedicine, increased acceptance of digital technology, and a continuous focus on e-commerce. To increase internet connectivity and digitise government services, Qatar has already started projects like the Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN) and the Qatar Digital Government 2020 agenda. Overall, the post-COVID era is likely to see Qatar continue to invest in digital technologies and infrastructure, with a greater focus on E-commerce.

Telemedicine in Qatar:

Telemedicine is an emerging field in Qatar, and its adoption has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In support of the government’s promotion of telemedicine as a strategy for increasing access to healthcare and effectiveness, the Ministry of Public Health has launched a service called “MOPH health centres” in which patients may have consultations and prescriptions over the internet. Furthermore, there has been an emergence in recent years of private healthcare providers and rules have been put in place to ensure that services are safe and quality. Nevertheless, internet connectivity, patient privacy, and reimbursement remain some of the problems that still need to be addressed. Overall, this area is an emerging sector with strong prospects in the years to come.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and IT to provide healthcare or services from anywhere in the world. This can be through the use of videoconferencing, telephone calls, e-mail or other digital communication channels to consult, diagnose, treat and monitor patients.  As more patients and healthcare workers turned to remote consultations in order to mitigate the risks of infections, this approach became even more popular throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Telemedicine, particularly in patients in remote or underdeveloped areas who are concerned about mobility and transport as well as having difficulty accessing conventional health services, maybe a way of improving access to healthcare and efficiency.

Benefits of Telemedicine:

Telemedicine offers a number of benefits, such as increased access to health care, greater convenience, reduced healthcare costs, better patient outcomes, more efficient management and improved treatment options; this is an important addition to medical delivery. This is an important tool for health providers and patients alike, which has the potential of improving access to care, reducing healthcare costs and enhancing patient outcomes.

About Online Medical Certificate Services in Qatar:

Providing convenient and accessible healthcare services is essential for ensuring people have access to the medical care they need. By offering doctor consultations and medical certificates online, can help people save time and money while getting the care they need from qualified medical professionals. We aim to bridge the gap between users and medical professionals. Access to healthcare is a significant issue in many parts of the world, and initiatives like this can help address this problem by making it easier for people to connect with healthcare providers.

Type of medical certificate services we provide in Qatar:

  • Online Doctor consultation– Consult 600+ specialists as well as general practitioners for your medical issue from the comfort of your own home via audio call, text message, or video call.
  • Sick Leave Certificate in Qatar– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the medical reason for taking leave.
  • Medical certificate in Qatar– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the medical condition the person is suffering.
  • Fitness certificate in Qatar– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner after a Fitness examination stating fit for all activities.
  • Recovery Certificate in Qatar– A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner stating the person is no more suffering from the previous medical condition.
  • Customised Medical Certificate in Qatar- A certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner that is tailored to a patient’s specific medical condition or requirements.
Steps and guide to get a medical certificate online in Qatar:
  • Log on to
  • Submit your details.
  • Wait for a certified RMP i.e., a Registered Medical Practitioner to reach out if any further details required.
  • Get your medical certificate within 30 mins.

In Qatar, telemedicine services have become a crucial component of healthcare, offering the local population easily accessible and reasonably priced healthcare treatments. By providing hassle-free online consultations and medical certifications within 30 minutes, has changed the game. Qatar is transforming its healthcare system to become more accessible and effective in response to the rising demand for telemedicine services.


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